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Consulting and training services to put your export compliance on track.

Extensive experience with both governmental regulatory agencies and the private sector
enables BSG Consulting to provide knowledgeable and cost-effective answers to its clients’ compliance challenges.

Our Services:

Corporate Compliance Programs

BSG’s vast experience with helping companies implement procedures to ensure compliance and mitigate potential penalties relies on our realistic yet comprehensive approach to solving compliance gaps.  BSG takes a risk-based approach to procedures, with greater controls and processes for higher risk compliance conduct.  We have extensive experience in analyzing business processes and drafting tailored procedures geared to the persons and departments most suited to carry out a compliance function.  

Audits and Assessments

Our objectives when conducting export assessments include understanding the strength/efficiency of compliance procedures and proposing recommendations that are based not only on our knowledge of the regulations, but also our deep experience with a host of different corporate compliance approaches.   BSG not only verifies whether personnel are following correct procedures and compliance practices, but will evaluate procedures to determine if they meet all regulatory requirements. 

Education and Training

In all successful export compliance programs, awareness and training is key. BSG’s consultants are expert trainers on all issues surrounding export compliance. In addition to training at public seminars provided through the Export Compliance Training Institute and other conferences, BSG consultants provide in-house training for companies, universities and government agencies. This training ranges from export compliance awareness training for broader audiences, senior management presentations, and expert-level training for targeted audiences, such as export administrators, engineering, shipping/traffic, purchasing and sales personnel.

Consulting to Non-US Companies

BSG’s clients include prominent companies located outside the US.  BSG has extensive experience in advising international companies on the impact of US regulations on transactions outside the US.  BSG regularly advises companies on extraterritorial application of the rules, including embargo/restricted country controls and de minimis US content calculation.  We help non-US companies establish “reexport” compliance programs to ensure these requirements are met.

Transactional Analysis and Guidance

It is easy for corporations to get lost in the minutia and complexities of US export regulations.  BSG can help businesses orient themselves by isolating the relevant compliance issues and regulations.  We help companies analyze specific transactions or resolves specific compliance issues, including assisting with classification and license determination, licensing review and support, and export administrative requirements and processes.

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We are pleased to announce Black, Sengers & Associates is now BSG Consulting, a partnership of corporations. We will continue to offer the same export compliance consulting services, and look forward to continuing to assist the exporting community.

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